Eating Contest: Tactics That Went Wrong

Teddy and I spent the sunny afternoon in the nearby park flying our new kite. The wind did us a favor and we could fully test it. Both Teddy and I were super happy with its performance, especially since we made it from scratch. Teddy jumped for joy and ran around frantically when he came across a flyer that got his attention. It advertised a food eating contest at a local restaurant on the occasion of the National Hamburger Day.

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A Tour of the Natural History Museum or a Tale of Teddy’s Victory

I was looking forward to our epic weekend adventure – a tour of the Natural History Museum and Dino Hall scavenger hunt. My team, consisting of Teddy and me, were preparing for the task before us. We consulted my encyclopedias, googled fun facts, entered all the dinosaur trivia quizzes, you name it.

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A Typical Day at the Beach

One of the definitions of a nightmare must be taking Teddy to the beach. Unfortunately, every so often that awful nightmare comes true. On that dreadful morning, Teddy jumped into my bed barking “Let’s go to the beach and play fetch! I need to sense the air outside this hedge.” I grabbed my bag of all trades and we headed to that eerie place.

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