How everything went terribly wrong or how I missed this year’s RoboGames.

Randy’s Point of View

I’d been designing, constructing and programming my competition-winning robot for 7 months, 21 days and 11 hours when I made a fatal mistake of letting Teddy into my study. At that unfortunate moment, Teddy had a seizure. He ran around uncontrollably, bumping into things and smashing them, like he was chasing some invisible creatures. My robot, along with my dreams, was shattered into millions of irretrievable pieces. My eyes were brimming with tears as I was saying goodbye to the Olympics. Following the misfortunate event, we took Teddy to the vet to receive the required medical care. I only wished for Teddy to get better.

Teddy’s Point of View

Everything was peaches and cream. I’d been going through the garden trying to sniff out where I had buried that bone, and all the trails led to the impenetrable door of Randy’s nerd cave. I took my position and started whining as loud as I could.  Randy took forever to open the door. What happiness! I yelled, “Raaandy, let’s chase imaginary cats!” And what a chase that was. When I was completely out of breath, my tongue hanging out, I noticed Randy’s eyes filling with tears of happiness. What fun we had! I was so exhausted that the doctors hooked me up to an IV.

I keep reminding Randy that continuous work without fun or relaxation is harmful to his well-being, though not sure how I’m the one who ended up at the doctor’s.

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