Teddy and I spent the sunny afternoon in the nearby park flying our new kite. The wind did us a favor and we could fully test it. Both Teddy and I were super happy with its performance, especially since we made it from scratch. Teddy jumped for joy and ran around frantically when he came across a flyer that got his attention. It advertised a food eating contest at a local restaurant on the occasion of the National Hamburger Day.

To say that Teddy was interested in the event would be an understatement. I gave a hint that the odds were heavily against him, but Teddy didn’t want to hear anything about it. On the way home, I had no choice but to sign him up for the contest.

The event was drawing near and Teddy seemed quite relaxed and confident about his tactics. The day before the competition he didn’t eat anything, believing that the hungrier he was the more he could eat. He walked into the restaurant with a smirk, but as soon as the smell of delicious food hit him he felt dizzy. Just before the referee blew the whistle, allowing the competitors to start the battle with mountains of hamburgers, Teddy fainted. Obviously, starving oneself wasn’t a recipe for success.

We returned home with a consolation prize – a takeaway for two. As expected, no one was ever allowed to make any comments about Teddy’s tactics which failed him.

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