One of the definitions of a nightmare must be taking Teddy to the beach. Unfortunately, every so often that awful nightmare comes true. On that dreadful morning, Teddy jumped into my bed barking “Let’s go to the beach and play fetch! I need to sense the air outside this hedge.” I grabbed my bag of all trades and we headed to that eerie place.

Honestly, I can’t bear the hot sand which scorches your soles and gets into all the skin pores, but a man must do what his dog wants. While I was adjusting his leash, Teddy made a promise to behave himself. One of many big promises he had little intention of keeping.

As soon as we got there, Teddy started jumping over sun beds, chasing around like a lunatic. The funniest thing for him to do was throwing sand into people’s eyes and mouth. As always, all the angry eyes were turning to me. Some rolled their eyes in disgust, others grumbled about irresponsible dog owners.

I went around apologizing and calling Teddy’s name, but little did it help. When he started nibbling at somebody’s surfboard, I had no choice but to try to hide myself in the remotest corner of the beach. Then I heard someone saying “Look at that furry ball of joy; it must belong to lovely people.” The puzzlement must have shown on my face, I couldn’t believe they talked about Teddy.

No matter what, Teddy wins the hearts.

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