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The cheesy space schnitzel, monsters and guns, old smackdonald, freaky forest, killing friends, or the first day in forestry. Name it whatever you want, the ultimate action-packed FPS/CTF/RPG is here. Plus, this game is funny as hell. Start playing today!

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What does the game offer?
As we develop the Early Access, we plan to gradually add content and features.

The current game release 0.1.0 includes the following:
– Single-player mode with 4 playable maps
– 3 weapons to shoot 50+ monsters, drone and turret Zone defenders
– Early Access is based on the capture the flag game principle
– The game is equipped with in-game statistics and scoring to analyze the play
– We plan to develop multiplayer based on the experience. Join us!
Join our community on social media and the dev team in their quest to create “The funniest FPS out there.”