Top 6 Indie games to play in 2022

Deciding on the very best indie games on PC is a difficult task. The great indie boom triggered by digital distribution a decade ago turned out to be more of a Big Bang, firing small-team development into various digital markets. We have plenty of indie games to choose from when compiling our list of the best indie games. Perhaps too much.

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FOREST GRUMP is live on Steam!

FREE DEMO avaliable! Play now!

The cheesy space schnitzel, monsters and guns, old smackdonald, freaky forest, killing friends, or the first day in forestry. Name it whatever you want, the ultimate action-packed FPS/CTF/RPG is here. Plus, this game is funny as hell. Start playing today!

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Game Release – Randy and Teddy Adventure Road

Hello everybody! We are Randy and Teddy and we invite you to plunge straight into our world of adventures. Take control of both Randy and Teddy into a never-ending adventure. Enjoy awesome scenes from 5 different adventure worlds -Play Tutorial, and then continue across Stones, Sand, Metal and Wood world adventures with breathtaking scenery and music.

Experience easy-to-play controls as you run, jump, dodge obstacles and fight enemies with the cutest dog in the world – Teddy! Have fun clearing out coins and stars as you progress with lots of unexpected twists with your owner Randy through your adventure and unlock new levels.

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Let’s drink coffee together on Ko-Fi!

Hey everybody,

Teddy and I make games and want you to play! Randy and Teddy are finally live on Let’s drink a cup of Ko-FI together.

Join Randy and Teddy in their quests and adventures on the never ending road to find amazing and unique new friends. Our games are super friendly, safe and inspiring for everyone.

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Hyper-casual Games

hyper-casual game refers to a lightweight game with minimal design. They are relatively easy to produce, but they guarantee to offer a high level of entertainment and replayability. Hyper-casual games are produced in a way to be approachable and enjoyable by the widest number of players.

The hyper-casual game will most often generate revenue from in-app ads, rather than in-app purchases.

How can a game be hyper and casual at the same time?

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Game Release – Official Blog Post – Pigs and Parachutes

New game! Puzzle fun with pigs flying through the sky and clouds

Android –

iOs –

Released – March 2021

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