31 May

Eating Contest: Tactics That Went Wrong

Teddy and I spent the sunny afternoon in the nearby park flying our new kite. The wind did us a favor and we could fully test it. Both Teddy and I were super happy with its performance, especially since we made it from scratch. Teddy jumped for joy and ran around frantically when he came across a flyer that got his attention. It advertised a food eating contest at a local restaurant on the occasion of the National Hamburger Day.

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19 Mar

My Visit to International Space Station

Although I could hardly describe myself as a complete space nut, yesterday’s event was the highlight of the year or, to be honest, the highlight of the last who-knows-how-many years. I am sorry if I may not sound clear, but I am still so hyped up. Less than 12 hours ago I witnessed a rocket launch live. I waved at the astronauts as they were heading to the International Space Station. Oh, I’m getting ahead of tale now;

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10 Mar

The Points of View

I’d been designing, constructing and programming my competition-winning robot for 7 months, 21 days and 11 hours when I made a fatal mistake of letting Teddy into my study. At that unfortunate moment, Teddy had a seizure. He ran around uncontrollably, bumping into things and smashing them, like he was chasing some invisible creatures. My robot, along with my dreams, was shattered into millions of irretrievable pieces.

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